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Since ancient times, Ise has been named ‘the Gourmet Kingdom’ or ‘the Royal Food Kingdom’.
Ise Shima is famous for its food ingredients, which are used to make offerings to the Ise Shrine and provide food for the royal family.
Customers can taste not only Ise specialities but also Kumano chicken, Matsusaka beef, Ise Shima marine products etc.
Specialty stores of conscientious craftsmen are open NOW!

  • Ultimate Ise Udon – Ise Speciality

    Enjoy our authentic Ise udon with soft fluffy noodles in rich sweet sauce.

  • Extremely mellow flavour of Japanese Sweet

    The Ise green tea parfait and coffee blancmange using zero-calorie “Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo)” sweetener are tremendously popular.

  • Luxury BBQ with Matsusaka beef & Iga beef

    BBQ specialty store where customers can be satisfied with the luxury of both high-grade “Matsusaka beef” & “Iga beef” of Mie prefecture at once!

  • Enjoy the best fresh fish in “Sengoku style” with gusto!

    Just caught sea breams from Minami Ise are served in “Sengoku style”: fish skewers are salt-grilled on an Irori (traditional Japanese open hearth) so that the customers can savour till the last bite.

  • Handmade authentic soba of Shinshu Yatsugatake at storefront

    The highest-quality buckwheat flour made in Yatsugatake plateau will be hand-made at storefront. Yatsugatake Tororo (grated Japanese mountain yam with rice) is also our superb dish!

  • Fortune of the sea! Ise Gourmet Kingdom’s ultimate signature dishes

    We serve charcoal grilled fishes & shellfish caught in local area and carefully selected. Enjoy them with special sauce made by our head chef!

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Business hour:

9:00~17:00 (Last admission at 16:00)
17:00~22:00 (Buffet’s last order at 20:30)
Contemporarily reconstruct Azuchi Castle and its Town where gather the most quintessential technology & art of Japan

Dressing – Relaxation – Yummy. Ninja Kingdom Ise- Feel Japanese Essence

Reconstruct in full size the magnificent “Azuchi Castle” built by Oda Nobunaga – one of the most famous Japanese feudal lords.
Customers can have lively experience of Ise’s exquisite gourmet, hot springs, and Japanese culture such as samurai, ninja in the town spreading under the castle.
It is said that at that time, Nobunaga held many events for people living in the Ninja Kingdom Ise. He also directed amazing performance such as lighting up his castle with lanterns.
That alluring Ninja Kingdom Ise is revived now, in Ninja Kingdom Ise.

Costume/Japanese-Style Costume

Dress Code of today is “traditional Japanese clothes”

Experience the clothes that Japanese enjoyed in ancient times. Change your clothes and stroll down the Ninja Kingdom Ise to enjoy the feeling of time-slip.

Relaxation/Relaxation Spa

Enjoy the superb atomic carbon bath

Soak the day’s fatigue off, and deeply enjoy wonderful moment of whole body & mind liberation with our well-cared hot spring that has special effects.

Gourmet/Premium Gourmet

From Ise specialties to Japan luxury ingredient​s

Please enjoy our wholehearted gastronomy town where customers can taste not only Ise specialities but also Kumano chicken, Matsusaka beef, Ise Shima marine products etc. at the same time.

Ninja Kingdom Ise Craftsmen Handbook/Artist

Furuta Kenji Yatsugatake plateau’s soba noodle specialty shop

Our shop invites the expert acquiring soba noodle-making skill of level 3 – from Shinshu Azumino, uses Yatsugatake material and prepares ingredients every morning.

Furukawa Tomohiro Ise gourmet specialty restaurant: Grilled fresh eel

The conscientiousness is reflected well on dishes, thanks to remarkable skill of our chef – who used to work as a head chef in a certain famous hotel for a long time.

Furuichi Kiyoshi General Chef

He has been working as a chef for a long time in Ise home town, and served Ise Udon and Tekonezushi. His Dashi-making skill can be considered as top-grade.

Confectionery Craftsman

With young sense and delicate skill, he has created many elegant and new confectioneries using natural sweet flavor of Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo).

Fujiwara Hironobu Swordsmith

Studying under Fujita Kunimune since 2002, acquiring swordsmith certification in 2008 and exhibiting at “The 5th Self-defence Sword Exhibition” in 2010, Fujiwara Hironobu’s striving to inherit Japanese culture through sword-making.

  • Our Masterpiece/PREMIUM SHOPPING