Delight in Quintessence, Study the Wisdom/PREMIUM/ABOUT Ninja Kingdom Ise

We would like to introduce Ninja Kingdom Ise
where you can learn about ancient Japanese wisdom whilst enjoying good old Japanese culture.

  • You can experience and feel Japan’s old culture, especially the famous plays of the Ninja Kingdom Ise, shuriken throwing,
    sword forging etc.

  • Ise’s premium food and Japanese premium ingredients gathered from all over Japan are served to you under Ninja Kingdom Ise’s chefs.

  • You can enjoy 4 therapeutic hot springs at once, including Sakakibara-Hot Spring. Gorgeous dishes after bathing are also well-prepared.

  • Collections of products, from MADE
    IN JAPAN’s ultimate brand “AMATELUZ” to
    Mie and Ise’s specialty items and so on.

  • Change clothes on your arrival in the Ninja Kingdom Ise. Enjoy your favourite Japanese clothing
    including Yukata and Ninja costume.

Ninja Kingdom Ise - Play/ZONE

Feeling Japanese culture, and being touched by the plays! Playful Learning Ninja Kingdom Ise

At Ninja Kingdom Ise, customers can enjoy attractive plays with charismatic performance of actors & experience Japanese folklore culture such as ninja, samurai, etc.

1Azuchi Castle

Reconstruct in full size the luxurious “Azuchi Castle” built by Oda Nobunaga! Customers can enjoy stunning views of the Ise Gulf from the 6th floor observatory. We will guide you to use free bus departing from “Kagomachi-dokoro (Palanquin waiting place)” to go to Azuchi Castle from Ninja Kingdom Ise.

2Daininja Theatre

Live Ninja Actions in front of your eyes! Reproduce today the glorious battle between Nobunaga’s ninja and Iga’s ninja during Sengoku Period (The Warring States period), when many warlords struggled with one another for the control over land. Please enjoy our fascinating play which will take your breath away.

3Yamada Magistrate Office

A well-known performance: “Ooka Echizen”. How will the trial carry on today? Welcome to our play, which is full of laughter and tears.

4Ooedo Red Light District Theatre

What!? Customer is the leading character! Please enjoy the spectacular gorgeous stage of Oiran, who are said to be the flowers of Edo.

5Nyamage Theatre

The Nyanmage will stir the stage in the battle with phantom thief crow gang!? Very! Worth! Seeing!

6Ninja Mechanism Maze

Can you see through 11 hidden traps to escape safely?

7Ninja Training Fortress

Challenge yourself to the interesting Ninja training course!

8Iga Ninja Wizard House

A mysterious space where sense of balance goes crazy!

9Mystery Beauty – Sword Gallery

Sword Gallery which gathered the highest peak of modern swords. Please take a look at the well sharpened beauty. They are also available for purchase.

10Japanese Sword-making Atelier

Welcome swordsmith Fujiwara Munenaga from All Japan Swordsmith Association; open the Japanese sword forge. Customers now can go through experience of tempering metal with the tapping of a hammer on Saturdays and Sundays.

11Ninja Museum

Many Ninja weapons are exhibited. Customers can learn the origin and fighting manner of Ninja.

12Ninja Learning Class

What is a Ninja? What is the difference between Ninja and Samurai? Ninja specialist will explain thoroughly so that even small children can understand easily. The courses take place on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

13Shuriken Throwing

Use shuriken to chase the devil away! Can you hit the target mark?

14Blowgun Shooting

Ninja training! Challenge with blowgun!

15Sengoku Skill Competition Hall

Challenge with Japanese traditional archery which the Warring States generals used to compete with each other.

16Betting Zone

Customers can have fun when playing Chohan (Even or Odd), Chinchirorin (Cee-lo) like on television and movie. Games for children are also available.

17Foreign Game Area

Plenty of games, which even small children can take challenge!

18Martial Arts House

Highlight in the building is a great calligraphy written by the famous calligrapher Miyata Tenpuh. Customers can touch Japanese swords and experience trial cutting. Managed by: International Martial Arts & Culture Federation

19Martial Arts House – Annex

The opportunity to touch instruments – that ordinarily customers cannot – such as, Sengoku period’s longbow, long distance blowgun, etc. Managed by: International Martial Arts & Culture Federation

Ninja Kingdom Ise - Gourmet/ZONE

Premium gourmet made by craftsmen now gather in the Ninja Kingdom Ise

Premium gourmet specialty stores where customers can enjoy not only Ise specialties but also excellent choice food from all over Japan. Please enjoy the perfect taste! We also serve a luxurious “all you can eat” plan due to popular request.

1Ise Specialties Restaurant

Please enjoy soft, chewy Ise udon mixed with rick flavour of original sauce. Customers can also taste Ise’s famous specialities like Tekonezushi, etc.

2Grilled fresh eel – Unagi no kabayaki

The Kagoshima prefecture’s premium eels will be split in front of the customers, then grilled carefully on charcoal fire. Please try a taste of just- grilled eel with crispy surface & juicy thick meat in special sauce.

3Luo Han Guo Sweets & Bar

Sweets using “Luo Han Guo”, other name “longevity fruit”. We offer menu which customers can enjoy the combination of Luo Han Guo and Ise specialties such as Ise Matcha parfait of Luo Han Fruit and so on.

4Charcoal grilled dried fish of Gourmet Kingdom

Customers can taste dried seasonal fish caught in Minami Ise. Please enjoy the outstanding umami taste.

5Ultimate Rice Ball

Ultimate Rice Balls are made from the legendary “Koshihikari rice of Azumino”. Water and cooking method are also very important during cooking process.

6Kumano Grilled Chicken

Please enjoy the premium Kumano chicken of Mie in a luxurious way – “tasting separated parts and comparing the good taste”.

7Kumano Chicken Ramen

The remarkable combination of the soup made from Kumano chicken bone & the very thin noodles. A masterpiece that makes all ramen fans enthuse.

8Grilled Matsusaka beef & Iga beef

The luxury grill restaurant where customers can enjoy at the same time 2 brands of Wagyu beef – “Matsusaka beef” and “Iga beef”. Signature sausage are also available.

9Baumkuchen of Ise sacred tree

Rich milk baumkuchen made from leaves of Mie’s specialty “Ise tea” and thick milk of Ouchiyama dairy farming. The cakes are served fresh in store.

10Sea bream – Grilled on Sengoku style Japanese sunken hearth

Grill the fatty sea bream skewers on irori! Tuck into exquisite Sengoku grilled food only seasoned with selected salt.

11Yatsugatake Plateau​ Soba

The craftsmen serve the hand-made soba using the buckwheat flour gotten from Yatsugatake plateau – where is famous for Japan’s best soba – & the sterile groundwater flowing on the bedrock​ from Miyagawa through Ise city towards Isuzu River

12Take & Go Restaurant

Customers can feel free to eat mochi skewers with miso, mitarashi dango, etc. when strolling around the Ninja Kingdom Ise.

13Charcoal Grilled Seafood at Fighting Grand Restaurant

Please relish locally caught fresh marine products grilled on charcoal fire. Enhance the flavour with “sauce for shellfish” – made by head chef.

Ninja Kingdom Ise - Hot Spring/ZONE

Premium hot bathing facilities to enjoy four hot water at once

In “Azuchi Castle Hot Spring” of the Ninja Kingdom Ise, customers can enjoy four kinds of hot springs at once, including the famous Sakakibara hot spring. Awaiting customers after hot spring bathing is charcoal grilled seafood & buffet with fresh seafood ingredients from Ise Bay. Customers will have the special relaxation time here.

20Ise Natural Hot Springs – Azuchi Castle Hot Spring

The therapeutic hot water resort where customers can pamper themselves with 4 kinds of hot springs together: the Sakakibara outdoor hot spring bath, the carbonate ion-enriched hot spring, the carbonate mud bath and the banana leaf bath. Customers can also catch a glimpse of Azuchi Castle from the outdoor hot spring bath (the ladies’ section).

Ninja Kingdom Ise - Shopping/ZONE

Touch craftsmen’s great masterpieces – Enjoy Ninja Kingdom Ise Shopping Space

Immerse yourself in the shopping space of Ninja Kingdom Ise, where gathers many kinds of products, from the trademark “AMATELUZ” of Japanese ancient techniques and wisdom, to Ise specialties, Mie famous products, and Japanese accessories.

24AMATELUZ (Sun Goddess)

The brand “AMATELUZ (sun goddess)” lines up many gems made by group of leather goods specialists. Please feel the authentic “MADE IN JAPAN” soul.


We have a large collection of Mie local goods and cute accessories of traditional Japanese patterns, etc.

22Free Trade Shop (Rakuichi Rakuza)

Shop is selling original goods of “Nyanmage” and “Magedechi” – favourite characters of this Ninja Kingdom Ise, as well as many other interesting goods!

23Ninja Kingdom Ise Souvenir Shop

Spacious and barrier-free souvenir shop. Customers using wheelchairs and baby strollers can also access the store easily.

Ninja Kingdom Ise - Japanese Costume/ZONE

Stroll around in Japanese clothing, time slip experience

We have prepared Japanese costumes which will help make your walking time around the Ninja Kingdom Ise more enjoyable. Please enjoy the Ninja Kingdom Ise with your favourite attire, from Rental Kimono & Ninja Outfit to real Japanese clothing such as armour, Oiran dress, etc.

27Rental Kimono & Ninja Outfit

Change your clothes immediately on arrival at the Ninja Kingdom Ise! Please choose your favourite costume from the rental reception counter.
・Apply for “Multiple Passport” only.
・Customers can choose from Yukata for men / Yukata for women / Ninja costume for adult / Ninja costume for children (120).

25Transfiguration Studio

Customers can experience the original Japanese costumes such as Kimono, Oiran dress and the Warring States general’s armour attire, etc. You can also walk around the Ninja Kingdom Ise in your favourite costume!

26Hologram Studio

An authentic photography studio has been born in the Ninja Kingdom Ise! Please enjoy special photography experience. (Customers can bring your costume.)