Leisurely stroll in Kimono, unforgettable time slip experience/PREMIUM/JAPANESE COSTUME

Experience the popular costumes of ancient Japanese. Change your clothes and stroll down the Ninja Kingdom Ise to enjoy time slip sense.

Kimono & Ninja Outfit Rental

More fun as exploring the Ninja Kingdom Ise in Japanese costumes.

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Transfiguration Studio

Transfigure with authentic costumes, such as Oiran dress and armor!

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Hologram Studio

Authentic photography studio! OK to bring your outfit!

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Kimono & Ninja Outfit Rental

The first place to visit upon arrival at Ninja Kingdom Ise is “Kimono & Ninja Outfit Rental”. Strolling down the town in Japanese outfit will make your walking time more enjoyable.

  • Apply for “Multiple Passport” only. (Rental fee is included in ticket.)
  • Customers can choose from Yukata for men / Yukata for women / Ninja outfit for adult / Ninja outfit for children.
  • Kimono set includes “Kimono” (customers will have a professional dress you up) & “Obi (belt)”. Geta are available for rent at 100 JPY (including socks that customers can take home after using)
    Accessories such as hair ornaments and purse, etc. are not available for rent. (Customers can bring your personal accessories.)
  • Coarse oilpaper umbrella and parasol are free for rent.
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Transfiguration Studio

“Transfiguration Studio” is recommended to those searching for special high-class clothes. Customers can experience the original Japanese costumes such as Kimono, Oiran dress and the Sengoku lords’ armor.
Enjoy the time spent shooting in the studio and walking around the Ninja Kingdom Ise!


Shooting in the Transfiguration Studio
・Princess, Samurai, Hitatare, Ninja, townspeople (girls & men): 1,000 yen
・Warrior, woman warrior, armor, Oiran dress: 3,000 yen


Outdoor walking course (2 hours)
・Princess, Samurai, Hitatare, Ninja, townspeople (girls & men): 3,000 yen
・Warrior, woman warrior: 5,000 yen
・Armor: 10,000 yen

Hologram Studio

An authentic photography studio has been born in the Ninja Kingdom Ise! Please enjoy special photography experience.
(Customers can bring your costume.)



(Japanese Pattern A, Japanese Pattern B, Japanese Style room,

Classroom, Dungeon) black backdrop, white backdrop, lighting equipment rentals, changing room (with lockers available) ※ Customers can walk to the Ninja Kingdom Ise.

Price: 3,500 JPY (once for 1 person)

※Ninja Kingdom Ise entrance fee included

※Priority will be given to early reservations.

※Utilizing time: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (closed)

※Send inquiries or contact 0596-43-2300