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Please send your inquiries to Ninja Kingdom Ise via the following mail form.

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About Group Reservation

For group reservation,
sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused,
but please reach us at 0596-43-2300

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We shall use customers’ personal information to assist in supporting, responding to inquiries and communicating at need.
Our company’s reply mail is only aimed to answer customers’ specific questions that are put to our company. We resolutely refuse customers to use a part or all of the reply content for another purpose, citing the content, or disclosing it to another customer without our consent.
Depending on customer’s inquiry content, we may contact him/ her by phone instead of e-mail. Also, please note that there are some cases when we cannot reply adequately because mail sent to mobile phone mail address has limited character number.
Customers who enabled junk e-mail filter please set up to allow receiving mail from "@ ise-" beforehand.
Please be forewarned that it may take us more time to reply to inquiries during closed days such as Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, New Year breaks, summer breaks, etc. and out of business hours.
By contacting us through this mail form, we assume that customers have agreed with the above contents.