Delight in traditional Japanese games/PREMIUM/ACTIVITY

Let’s enjoy Japanese ancient activities – from popular games such as Hanafuda,
Cho-Han Bakuchi, Chinchirorin, etc. to practice of shuriken, blowgun, bow and arrow – in the Castle Town.

Gambling Spot

Dare to cope with the intense thrill of game by betting wooden tag (chip)!

In the “Gambling Spot” of Azuchi Castle Town, customers can play games that have been loved by the masses from the ancient time in Japan, such as Cho-Han Bakuchi, Chinchirorin, etc. Because all children and adults can join these games, so please stop by and enjoy whenever you come to the Castle Town!
(※ The wooden tags are lent at Gambling Spot’s reception desk.)

Cho-Han Bakuchi

The dealer – called “Tsubofuri” – will put two dice in a cup and shake. The players will guess whether the sum total of numbers showing on the two dice will be “Cho” (even) or “Han” (odd). Don’t forget to watch the professional dice-cup shaking performance of Castle Town’s dealers!


The players throw three dice into a bowl, then compare the score of the result to find out the winner. Because of simple rule, this game has been quite popular and loved by the public from Japan’s ancient time.

Guess score

This is a simple game, that the player will throw five dice, then guess the score. Challenge with gusto!

Nyan or Dechi, which one appears?

Throw the die, and guess whether Nyanmage or Magedechi appears? The interesting game for children.

Hanafuda (Flower Cards)

Speaking of Japanese-made card games, “Hanafuda” comes to mind. Customers can play various games, such as Oichokabu (that is similar to Baccarat; who has 9 scores or highest scores will be the winner), Bozumekuri (the winner is the person with the most cards at the end), Hanafuda (official game), etc.

Fortune​ lot

In Japanese, the word “lottery” is now called “takarakuji” (treasure​ lot). But in the past, it was called “tomikuji” (fortune​ lot). If the Lucky Turntable stops at the number which is identical to player’s number, he or she will receive a present, such as wooden tag, etc.

Castle Town - Play

Tosenkyo – Fan-tossing game (in front of the checkpoint)

Started from Edo period, this game has taken place in a tatami room. The player sits on the knee at a distance, tosses a fan to the target butterfly, and compete for highest score depending on the position of fallen butterfly. It is also called “Japanese-style dart” in Edo period. Let’s get excited at the competition​!

Sengoku Skill Competition Hall (ground floor)

Join the Japanese ancient bow and arrow competition, which Sengoku lords used to compete with each other!

Shuriken Throwing (ground floor)

Use shuriken to chase ogres away! Can you hit the target mark?

Iga Ninja Wizard House (ground floor)

The mysterious odd space where the sense of balance goes crazy!

Blowgun Shooting (ground floor)

Challenge yourself to blowgun – a training lesson of Ninja!

Ninja Mechanism Maze (1st floor)

Can you see through 11 hidden traps to escape safely?

Ninja Training Fortress (1st floor)

Challenge yourself to the interesting Ninja training course!

Foreign Games Area (1st floor)

There are a lot of games that even children can play!

Martial Arts Hall – Annex (1st floor)

The opportunity to touch instruments – that ordinarily you cannot – such as, Sengoku period’s longbow, long distance blowgun, etc.

Martial Arts Hall (1st floor)

A place where customers can touch a sword and experience a slash (try out the sword).

Folk Game (in preparation)

A lot of folk games that even children can join the challenge!

Game’s content is in preparation.

It’s in preparation now! Look forward to seeing you! !