Touched, in every play!/PREMIUM/SHOW

Enjoy Castle Town’s awesome plays with charming actors & actresses


Yamada’s Magistrate

How will the trial carry on today!?

Mr Yohei has run a grocery store with his daughter Osuzu and lived a simple but happy life every day. However, customers haven’t come to their store for some reason recently. When they decided to stop feeling down and pull themselves up, Kaneo of currency exchange store came…


Edo Red Light District Theatre

Extremely luxurious Oiran parade!

This is the party room of Red light street Yoshiwara. Participants in the “Rich Men Pastime” along with the top elite courtesans are customers visiting today. These lucky guests may be you!? Please enjoy the Yoshihara’s elegant play.


Ninja Theatre

Your breath will be taken away by Ninja Actions in front of your eyes!

In Sengoku period, the world was in turmoil because many warlords struggled with one another for the control over land. And now, for justice, the heroic battles between Nobunaga’s Ninja and Iga’s Ninja are about to begin.


Azuchi Castle

Reconstruct in full size the famous phantom “Azuchi Castle” built by Oda Nobunaga!

“Azuchi Castle” was built by Oda Nobunaga in the desire for world unification. This burnt down castle after “Honnoji Incident” has been reproduced in original size, based on that time’s research. Customers can enjoy stunning views of the Ise Gulf from the 6th floor observatory.