Ninja Kingdom Ise/FEE INFORMATION/fees

We would like to introduce tickets (passports) to enjoy Ninja Kingdom Ise.
Please select the one that best suits your travel time and purpose, such as “Multi Passport” – a ticket allowing you to use the entire facilities.


View here for details on service
applied for each ticket type.

Limited Time Special Ticket Adult Adolescent Children Senior Preschooler
V.I.P Passport
including all
stores dining
Limited time offer
Walk-and-Eat Ticket
(Daytime) ※ Admission until 14:00
※ Last order: 15: 00
6,900 JPY 4,900 JPY 3,900 JPY 6,900 JPY 1,000 JPY
Night Only
Program including
hot springs
+ buffet
Limited time offer
Walk-and-Eat Ticket
(Night-time) ※Admission from 17:00
※Last order: 20:30
3,900 JPY 3,900 JPY 2,000 JPY 3,900 JPY 1,000 JPY
Ticket Type Adult Adolescent Children Senior Preschooler
Single Day
Passport to enjoy
whole Ninja Kingdom Ise
Multi Passport Multi Passport 4,900 JPY

Group Rate:
4,100 JPY
People with disabilities: 2,940 JPY

3,500 JPY

Group Rate:
People with disabilities: 2,100 JPY

3,000 JPY

Group Rate:
2.500 JPY
People with disabilities: 1,800 JPY

3,430 JPY Free
Relax time with
walking & hot spring
in Ninja Kingdom Ise
Admission Ticket Admission Ticket 3,600 JPY

Group Rate:
2,800 JPY
People with disabilities: 2,160 JPY

2,300 JPY

Group Rate:
1,800 JPY
People with disabilities: 1,380 JPY

2,000 JPY

Group Rate:
1,600 JPY
People with disabilities: 1,200 JPY

2,520 JPY Free

※In order to utilize our discount program like “Disability Discount” (for people with disabilities and up to 1 companion) or “Senior Discount” (for customers of 65 years old and more), customer needs to present his/ her certificate (which can help identify the age, such as insurance card, driver’s license, etc.).
※A group must have at least 20 persons.
※Please understand that “Gastronomy Ticket (Day Time/Night-Time)” is a special & time limit program that can not be used together with other discount like complimentary coupons, etc.
※Please acknowledge beforehand that fares are subject to change without prior notice.


Customers can use hot springs only at the following rates.

Natural Hot Springs – Azuchi Castle Hot Spring Adult High school student (Junior & Senior) Elementary school student Infant
Fee for
hot springs only
Weekdays 11:00~22:00
(last reception: 21:00)
900 JPY 700 JPY 400 JPY Free
Fee for
hot springs only
Weekends & Holidays 11:00〜22:00
(last reception: 21:00)
1,000 JPY 800 JPY 500 JPY Free

※Customers must present his/her identity card when using neighborhood residents’ discount at Azuchi Castle Hot Spring if you are living in Ise City, Toba City, Shima City, Matsusaka City, Watarai District, Taki District.
※The hot spring fee includes consumption tax and hot water tariff (150 yen).


Student group with 20 persons or more (= group of school trips, extracurricular activities, excursions, etc. organized by school)
will be applied the following rates.

Ticket Type University / Vocational college (Junior & Senior) High School Student Elementary school student Kindergarten
Bargain Multi
Passport specializing
for student group
Student Multi Passport Multi Passport
for Students
2,400 JPY 1,800 JPY 1,200 JPY 600 JPY
(5~6 years old)
Student Multi
Passport Plus
“Ninja Cosplay Set”
Ninja Cosplay 5th &6th grade students 2,000 JPY
Student Multi Passport Plus “Class in Temple Experience” Class in Temple Experience 5th &6th grade students 2,000 JPY

※Please contact 0596-43-2300 for more details about plan above.


From fine dining purpose to all day playing at Ninja Kingdom Ise

Utilizable facilities and services are different for each kind of ticket. Please refer the following for details.
」… Available for free 「ー」… Not available 「※」…Available with surcharge

  Multi Passport – Student Multi Passport Admission Ticket Walk-and Eat Ticket Notes
Ninja Training Fortress  
Ninja Museum  
Mystery Beauty – Sword Gallery  
Japanese Sword-making Atelier

・Swords forging demonstrations on every Saturday and Sunday

Ninja Learning Class

・Held every Saturday and Sunday

Ninja Kingdom Ise Hot Springs

・Customers can use only hot spring facilities

Learn more here
Cosplay Set

※Not applied to infants

・Costumes vary depending on size.

Learn more here
Daininja Theatre ※600 JPY  
Azuchi Castle ※500 JPY  
Ooedo Red Light District Theatre ※500 JPY  
Yamada Magistrate Office ※500 JPY  
Ninja Mechanism Maze ※500 JPY  
Nyamage Theatre ※300 JPY  
Sengoku Skill Competition Hall ※500 JPY〜 ※500 JPY〜 ※500 JPY〜  
Shuriken Throwing ※500 JPY〜 ※500 JPY〜 ※500 JPY〜  
Blowgun Shooting ※500 JPY〜 ※500 JPY〜 ※500 JPY〜  
Foreign Game Area ※500 JPY〜 ※500 JPY〜 ※500 JPY〜  
Game Corner ※500 JPY〜 ※500 JPY〜 ※500 JPY〜  
Transfiguration Studio Different photo packages, from 1,000 JPY++
Learn more here
Different photo packages, from 1,000 JPY++
Learn more here
Different photo packages, from 1,000 JPY++
Learn more here
Gourmet Food Court Please order at restaurant. Please order at restaurant. Please order at store.
※You can order 1 dish from “Menu for Walk and Eat”
in each restaurant.

・There’s an regular holiday in each restaurant.

Learn more here

※The name and price of the facility are subject to change without notice.
※Depending on sudden changes of the weather and other circumstances, the performance contents of the theater and Azuchi castle may be changed, or entry into the country may be stopped.