Moment of perfect bliss releasing your mind and body/PREMIUM/RELAXATION

Soak your fatigue off and enjoy perfect bliss moment of releasing your mind
and body by immersing yourself in our therapeutic hot springs, including the Sakakibara open air hot spring bath with Azuchi Castle view,
the carbonate ion-enriched hot spring, the carbonate mud bath and the banana leaf bath.


Enjoy four kinds of therapeutic hot water at once

“Azuchi Castle Hot Spring” with Azuchi Castle view is a professional therapeutic hot spring resort where customers can enjoy 4 kinds of hot springs at the same time.

Possible to use only hot springs
(from 11:00 ~22:00 ※Last reception 21:00)
Please use the entrance/exit on the right side of the front gate.


Carbonate ion-enriched hot spring (1300 ppm)which is also called “Hot Spring for the Heart” in Europe

Carbonate ion-enriched hot spring (High concentration carbonated spring) refers to hot water in which carbon dioxide gas (CO2) has been dissolved. In Azuchi Castle Hot Spring, we pursued superior absorbency by negative ionization (bicarbonate ion), adopted an artificial carbonated spring without bubbles appearing on the skin to promote more absorption into the body.

Carbonate ion-enriched hot spring/Medical treatment hot spring that cares from your core body. Tighten your skin, help your skin stay firm and smooth.

Sakakibara Hot Spring/Open-air Bath/'When speaking of hot springs, people think of Nanakuri,Arima and Tamatsukuri hot springs' /- Paragraph 117 in 'The Pillow Book' of Sei Shonagon

“Famous hot spring for beauty & health regimen” which has been popular for thousand years

We have prepared an open-air bath so that customers can enjoy the “Sakakibara Hot Spring” (formerly known as Nanakuri hot spring), which together with the “Arima Hot Spring” and “Tamatsukuri Hot Spring” was praised by Sei Shonagon in “The Pillow Book” as 3 famous hot springs in history before the time of Azuchi Momoyama.
Customers will have a fine view of the Azuchi Castle from the female ‘s open-air bath. Please enjoy the hot spring therapy available only at the Ninja Kingdom Ise.

Effect: Skin beauty, treatment for chronic joint rheumatism, dermatosis, gynecology, diabetes, neuralgia and fatigue recovery Hot Spring Type: Simple alkaline hot spring

Long-lasting comfortable heat after bathing thanks to the far-infrared effect

The carbonate mud bath (atomic carbon bath) of this hot spring has stronger far-infrared rays than ordinary ones, helps raise your core body temperature until deep inside in a short time. Its components will be absorbed through the skin then penetrated into the body, help activate the whole body cells, boost immunity, rejuvenate the skin.

Carbonate Mud Bath/Raising your core body temperature until deep inside with far-infrared effect of carbon. Many guests have come back due to wonderful bath experience.

Banana Leaf Bath/Material is closely related to the tropical countries' life from ancient times / Recently it has been noted as sterilization and wound dressings

Utilizing domestic and pesticide-free banana leaves based on a research result, which told that banana leaf is suitable for wound dressing

It is derived from a certain field’s research, which declares that ingredients in banana leaves (stalks) are good for body. Therefore, we specially purchase safe banana leaves planted in Japan to prepare banana leaf hot spring for therapy. Of course, customers can use at ease, thanks to pesticide-free cultivation.

Neighborhood resident’ preferential ticket booklet (including 11 tickets) are being sold at 7,000 yen (tax included)!


~ Customers can view PDF file of “Hot Spring booklet” that should be read before entering hot springs  ~

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Tuck into Ise’s signature dishes after hot spring therapy with gusto

Located straight from the exit of the bath area, “Charcoal grilled seafood at Fighting Grand Restaurant” has been serving buffet
with all kinds of grilled seafood freshly caught from/in the local sea, and the menu of more than 30 dishes.
“Brew Food Set” after bathing is available after 17:00.

Ok to use only Fighting Grand Restaurant (11: 00 ~)
Please use the entrance/exit on the right side of the front gate.

Imbue yourself after a bath with Ise’s favor of outstanding freshness

BBQ with oysters caught in Toba Sea, noble scallops of Ise, Turbo Cornutus and shrimps, Manila clams -Mikawa’s products, Iga beef sausages … and local seafood. Freshness Guarantee! Not only seafood but also the accompanied vegetables (carefully selected and purchased from local suppliers) are served fresh.

Relish specialty foods at daily lunch buffet & weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun) dinner buffet

Take a gulp after a bath! Brew Food Dishes with sheer ecstasy especially for you!